Health Impact

Love Factory

Innovative Promotion of Love Plus Brand Online

PSI Romania created Love Plus 14 years ago as a social marketing brand. In Romania, Love Plus is the only brand in its category that is marketed for the sole reason of promoting sexual responsibility and health of young couples, through investing its revenues in initiatives aimed at preventing disease and generating healthy life years that might otherwise be lost.

In 2011, the entire PSI team, both marketing and programming gathered in a workshop to brainstorm innovative solutions to promote sexual health and our brand. We developed a Facebook game allowing users to build and grow their own condom factory, known as the Love Factory

Why this idea? We are experts in condoms. It’s what we do best. The PSI Global Network has distributed over 7.8 billion condoms in over 60 countries since 1970. This has protected billions of sexual acts, averting thousands of cases of HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. The condoms distributed by PSI, both worldwide and in Romania, are produced in the top factories from around the world, and tested to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

But having a high quality product for the best price is only one side of our work. Reaching out to young couples with our brand, building trust and promoting ideas of sexual responsibility are just as important for PSI Romania.

In order to simulate our work even better, we decided to incorporate our social mission right into the game. So apart from acquiring latex and other materials as well as producing, testing and selling a variety of condoms, the users have the opportunity to manage their own foundation by recruiting their Facebook friends to help promote condom use and sexually responsible behaviors.

The Love Factory allows for an intensive, interactive and fun engagement with the Love Plus brand.